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Knorr Creamy Chicken Soup 69 Gm

Knorr Creamy Chicken Soup 69 Gm

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What could be better than a hot soup on cold winter days, during the lunch break of a working day, at the iftar table with your family, when you suddenly get hungry at night? At such moments, we call soup to everyone! There is a soup for every table and every taste at Knorr. The unique taste of Knorr soups, which are indispensable for the tables, is with you at any time of the day!

Knorr Creamy Chicken Soup, one of the most delicious soup varieties prepared with the recipes of Knorr chefs, is coming to your tables to warm you up. Knorr has gathered all the necessary ingredients for your soup in one package for you. The delicious taste coming from the carefully selected Banvit chickens is in Knorr Creamy Chicken Soup with its full taste and consistency! We carefully select chicken meat to achieve the taste of Knorr Creamy Chicken Soup, which is a delicious and satisfying meal. We attach importance to sustainable agriculture and collect sun-ripened vegetables and spices in season. Just like tarhana, we dry carefully selected vegetables with traditional methods that you make at home. Moreover, we preserve the freshness of our soups for a long time with our 3-layer packages that provide protection against air, light and humidity.

Knorr Creamy Chicken Soup, one of the soup recipes expertly prepared by Knorr chefs, brings your favorite soup flavor to your tables. Prepared with seasonal vegetables, spice mixes that add flavor to the meal and delicious Banvit chicken, Knorr Creamy Chicken Soup will add flavor to your tables. Moreover, getting the consistency of creamy soup is now much simpler with Knorr. What you need to do to reach the wonderful taste of Knorr Creamy Chicken Soup is extremely practical.

Add 1 pack of Knorr Cream of Chicken Soup mix in 4 portions to 1 liter of cold water. Stir until the mixture boils. Knorr Creamy Chicken Soup, which you cook for 10 minutes on low heat, is ready to drink with its intense flavor after resting for a while.
You can change the use of Knorr Creamy Chicken Soup according to the consistency you want and your taste. You can use less water to get a thicker consistency.

Come on everybody to the table! The taste of Knorr Creamy Chicken Soup, a quick soup cooked in 5 minutes, that cheers up your tables, will stay in your mouth. Knorr, it tastes good.

Product Ingredients:
Wheat flour, corn starch, iodized salt, oil powder (whey powder (dairy product)), milk sugar, vegetable oil (palm), flavorings, oil (chicken), sugar, yeast extract, dried ground onion , dried ground chicken (0.3%), parsley, black pepper extract, turmeric.

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