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İstanbul Hazır Türk Kahvesi Orta 9 Gm

İstanbul Hazır Türk Kahvesi Orta 9 Gm

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İstanbul Hazır Türk Kahvesi Orta 9 Gm

stanbul Instant Turkish Coffee Medium is the perfect choice to easily prepare coffee that suits your taste almost anywhere. 

Pour your medium coffee into a cup, then add boiling water. Your delicious Turkish coffee is ready!

Usage Suggestions:
Pour the entire bag into a Turkish coffee cup. Add hot water to the cup. Stir with a teaspoon until the coffee dissolves.

Net Amount (g/ml)


Sugar, Ground Coffee Beans (38%), Instant coffee, foaming mixture (Glucose syrup, Skimmed milk powder (contains lactose), Fully hydrogenated vegetable oil (coconut oil), Milk protein (contains lactose), Stabilizer (dipotassium phosphate) ), Anti-caking (Silicon dioxide).

Allergen Warning
Milk and dairy products contain lactose.

Storage Conditions:
Keep in a Cool and Dry Place

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