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Blended Arabica beans give a nectar-like sweetness to Nicaragua coffee treated with Black Honey. Master Origins Nicaragua is as smooth as a sip of honey.

Before starting the Black Honey technique, farmers remove the fruity part of the Arabica coffee cherry and spread the coffee bean in a thin layer to dry. The membrane, which is in the form of a thin layer on the cores that dry under the sun, is separated from the core by the effect of temperature. With great care, the coffee beans are constantly mixed so that good flavors can be developed. Master Origins Nicaragua contains the unique Arabica coffee processed with the Black Honey technique. This property gives Nicaragua its smooth honey texture and sweet grain notes.

Master Origins Nicaragua is an Arabica nectar coffee processed with the Black Honey technique, with a silky smooth texture and warm sweet grain notes. The sweetness in its aroma comes from the rare Black Honey processing technique.
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