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Food Storage Cereal Dispenser

Food Storage Cereal Dispenser

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1. Breakfast accessories: Breakfast is a good start. With this cereal dispenser, you can start your day with a delicious breakfast. 


2. Shelf life: corn flakes, oatmeal, cereals are kept fresh IN container, and it is also suitable for storing other dry goods 


3. Use with a variety of foods. Can be used for cereals, oatmeal, candy, oatmeal, nuts, raisin beans, rice, pasta, dog and cat food, almonds, chocolate, seed mixtures, coffee beans, freeze-dried fruits, etc. 


4. Don't be confused anymore: Don't stack old and new food packages imposter, don't put more space IN cabinet, don't remove box, and make better use of space. 


5. High-quality structure, detachable bottom, can be cleaned quickly to reduce confusion. 




two-chamber dispenser can maintain freshness and flavor of cereals, and keep cereals, dried fruits or 


other foods away from moisture and eat them with breakfast. Cereals are still crunchy and delicious during breakfast. 


Specifications: Product size: 27.2*16*35cm 


Material:, PP TPR { 

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