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Mixed Nuts Bar 150 gm

Mixed Nuts Bar 150 gm

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Nutritious snack between the day,

Protein storage before or after sports,

Energy source when starting the day in the morning,

You can consume it as a quick and delicious alternative to the sweet crisis.


Pistachio: It is a source of potassium and phosphorus. strengthens bones,

Hazelnut: It is a high antioxidant and vitamin E store, adds vigor to the body,

Oatmeal: It is very rich in beta-glucan, supports immunity,

Peanuts: Contains high protein, strengthens the muscles, gives strength,

Raw Zucchini: Contains Omega-3 and Zinc, protects heart health, strengthens immunity,

Cranberry: It is a store of vitamins A, C and E, it is protective against infections,

Dried Strawberry: Contains high dietary fiber, accelerates metabolism, toxin remover,

Puffed Rice: Low calorie gives satiety.

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