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Doritos Shots Taco Spicy 26 gm

Doritos Shots Taco Spicy 26 gm

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Doritos Shots Taco Spicy 26 gm

Doritos Shots Taco Spicy

Doritos Shots Taco Spicy is a crispy crispy chips preferred by crazy palates who love pain. Moreover, with its 34-packs, it is the main flavor to be used for the little surprises of crowded parties and the fun sharing of friends.

Doritos Shots is so seductive that it makes fire come out of your mouth. It makes you feel like a tough dragon. You can share these products, which are very affordable, with your loved ones at school breaks, matches or in cinema environments. 

When the smell and taste of the pepper intensity are combined with the crunching taste of the chips, you will see that you are consuming a food with a very intense aroma. Triangle styles, rustling flame package and the striking effect from Mexicano peppers will be indispensable for you.

Appealing to the resistant palates of chips lovers who want to try the hard, this peppery, spicy and hot feast will be a hit. In particular, a new one will follow the packages that young people love to finish.

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