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This blend brings you the smooth, vinous character, bright red fruit notes of Master Origins Colombia with Colombia's highly grown and late harvest Arabica.

Master Origins Colombia contains late harvested Arabica and only washed and processed Colombian Arabica. How would you like to discover the vibrant acidity and winey, red fruit flavors in this unique coffee? This flavor comes from coffee farmers who dare wait longer for their coffee to be harvested. Coffee cherries, almost dark purple, hang on tree branches, waiting. In this way, every day fruit sugars penetrate deeper into the coffee bean. Understanding when the beans are ripe is hidden in the abilities of coffee farmers. Master Origins Colombia spawns late harvested Arabica.

Master Origins Colombia with late harvest Arabica is both smooth and fruity. While waiting to drink your coffee, you will discover the red currant and red fruit notes that come to the surface. The bright acidity makes this coffee lively and has a smooth balance with seductive aromatics.

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