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Knorr Meatball Mortar 242.5 Gm

Knorr Meatball Mortar 242.5 Gm

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Meatballs with Knorr Meatball Mortar, which gets its recipe from mothers, are like a mother's hand! The unique taste of traditional Turkish taste, meatballs, comes to your tables with Knorr. It is very practical to prepare delicious and delicious meatballs with Knorr Meatball Mortar. Catch the delicious taste of mother meatballs with Knorr Meatball Mortar. Just a little water, Knorr Meatball Mortar and ground beef are enough to make meatballs with the perfect taste and consistency. It is that easy to prepare delicious meatballs that will not look like mother meatballs with Knorr! Offering a practical solution for those who find it difficult to make meatballs, Knorr Meatball Mixer brings you the taste of mother meatballs you are looking for. Mix the mixture of spices that add flavor to the meatballs with ground beef and water, and enjoy the delicious taste of mother meatballs. Try the indispensable taste of the tables with Knorr Meatball Mortar. Knorr Meatball Mortar, which is a source of protein and fiber, is prepared using natural ingredients. The perfect harmony of unique spices and natural ingredients that make the taste of meatballs perfect is waiting for you in Knorr Meatballs Mix packages! Knorr Meatball Mortar, which gets its recipe and taste from mothers, is for 2 uses. How should you use Knorr Meatballs? Use by adding 500 gr ground beef, 1 egg and ½ glass of water. After kneading, shape the mortar and cook it as you wish. Preparing nutritious and delicious meatballs is that easy with Knorr Meatball Mix! Usage: Put 500 g of low-fat ground beef, 1 pack of meatballs and ½ glass of water in a deep bowl. Break 1 egg into the mixture and knead until it becomes a mortar consistency. After shaping the mortar, it can be cooked in an oil-free pan, oven, grill or barbecue; Cook as you wish and serve hot. Enjoy the delicious taste of mother meatballs!


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