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Deren Tea Bergamot Flavored 500 Gm

Deren Tea Bergamot Flavored 500 Gm

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Deren Tea Bergamot Flavored 500 Gm



Deren Tea Bergamot Flavored, which has a high satisfaction rate with its impressive aroma, adds a natural aroma and a unique scent to your teas.

If you want to try different aromas during the day or if you like to introduce your guests to new tastes, you can have our bergamot-flavored product, which has a unique taste, ready to serve in a very short time.

The brewing time of our product is 15 minutes.

Allergen Warning: It contains black tea and bergamot flavoring.

It is recommended to store it in moisture-free and dry places. It is recommended to consume before the expiration date.


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Product Net Amount (ge/ml)

500 ge

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Instructions for Use

To enjoy the full pleasure of Deren Bergamot Aromatic, min. 15 min. We recommend brewing it.

Storage Conditions

In closed and moisture-free environments, it remains fresh until the recommended consumption date, recommended consumption date (TETT) and batch no. (PN.) is on the packaging. After opening the packaging, keep your untouched tea in a cool and dry place, away from odor.


Black Tea and flavoring (Bergamot)



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