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Cezbeli Turkish Coffee 100 GM

Cezbeli Turkish Coffee 100 GM

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Cezbeli Turkish Coffee 100 GM 


Cezbeli Turkish Coffee is produced from the beans of the Arabica tree, which is the most ideal bean for Turkish coffee. 100% Arabica beans contain less caffeine than other types of beans.

It does not cause any discomfort when drunk, you can drink it with pleasure. Cezbeli Coffee does not contain any additives such as foam enhancers, artificial flavors or preservatives. In this respect, it allows you to enjoy Turkish Coffee from 100 percent coffee.

Cezbeli Kahve's packaging has been specially designed to keep your coffee fresh for longer. Thanks to the zipper feature of the packaging, you can close your package to prevent air after each use.

Usage Suggestions
: Add a full cup of cold water and 7g of coffee for each person to the coffee pot. Mix a little and cook over low heat.

Net Amount (g/ml)


Ground Turkish Coffee

Allergen Warning:
Does not contain allergens.

Storage Conditions:
Keep in a Cool and Dry Place

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