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Anatolian Cuisine Meatball Mortar 100 Gm

Anatolian Cuisine Meatball Mortar 100 Gm

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Anadolu Mutfağı Meatball Mortar, which has a unique taste and provides a practical preparation, offers additional flavors with a special aroma without disturbing the natural structure of the meatballs.

Allergen Warning: Contains breadcrumbs, wheat flour, salt, yeast, turmeric, spices, cumin, allspice, dried mint, thyme, leavening agents, starch, red pepper, dried onion, flavoring agents, sugar, dried garlic, whey powder, It features whole egg powder, celery, dried potatoes and vegetable oils. Contains gluten, lactose and sulfites.

It is recommended to be stored in dry, odorless and cool places that do not receive sunlight.

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