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Anadolu Mutfağı Baharat Kırmızı Pul Biber 250 Gm

Anadolu Mutfağı Baharat Kırmızı Pul Biber 250 Gm

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Spices, one of the most preferred products of our local cuisine, are among the indispensables for the flavor and smell of our meals.

Anatolian Cuisine Red Chilli Pepper (250 Gr), which always finds its place on the tables for natural taste and health, offers quality and naturalness with the assurance of ŞOK Market.

Allergen Warning: Contains red pepper flakes, vegetable oil (cotton oil) and salt. May contain traces of gluten, eggs, soy, dairy products, celery, almonds and peanuts.

It is recommended to store our product in cool and dry places away from sunlight.

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